It’s all getting real serious on Towie

Megan Mckenna is cornered….

TOWIE has been back on our screens with a vengeance and it’s been fight after fight… When do they find time to just chill in Essex? I wonder!

An argument  between Lydia Bright and  Megan left things awkward and not quite stirred.


Lydia argued ‘I’ve been brought up as part of a foster family where I’ve been taught not to stereotype and judge people. I’ve met people from so many walks of life.

It's not been the happiest holiday... [ITV/REX/Shutterstock] Lydia Bright

The drama is more intense than a closet session in Hollyoaks… Well, it’s produced by Lime Pictures so i could see where these storylines are inspired from!!!

Finally, no one can forget the take down of Arg by Lydia on the beach.. There was shouting, abuse and tears..lots of tears.. TOWIE is well and truly back!!