TOWIE James Argent’s sister accused of cheating

But we know this couldn’t be true!!

According to a few sources, Natasha Argent, the sister of TOWIE star James ‘Arg’ Argent, allegedly cheated during the London Marathon over the weekend.Virgin Money London Marathon has a system which effectively posts times for the races on their official website. Unfortunately for Natasha, these stats are open to the public, meaning that people who could be bothered and had northing better to do could go and check if Natasha’s ran the race she claimed she did.

Suspicious: Natasha Argent, the sister of TOWIE star James 'Arg' Argent, has come under fire from eagle-eyed fans who accused her of cheating during the London marathon over the weekend

According to the stats posted on the site, Natasha began the race at 10.16am and reached the 20k mark at 12.33pm.
But that was when the blonde dropped off the radar before later reappearing at the 40k mark at 1.21pm – just under an hour later.

Time for the Virgin Money London Marathon were posted on its official website and are open to the public, meaning that fans who had paid an interest in Natasha's race were able to stumble upon the strange statistics

We at Reality Daily, just think it was a case of superwoman tactics. People do have magic powers to appear and disappear so hold your horses before you put your two cents and let’s hear it from the horses mouth first! Before, that we cannot go around town speculating whodunit???? Now can we???