MIC’S Jamie Lang reminded about his Mcvite’s inheritance

The Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing appeared awkward on TV show

Jamie Laing was joined by cast members Ollie and Stephanie to promote the launch of the new series of Made in Chelsea on Good Morning Britain. He seemed to imply that it was a great idea not to put all eggs into one basket and prepare for the rainy days when MIC will be far gone. At that point, he was interrupted by the GMB co-host Kate Garraway who implied that as heir of the McVitie’s  fortune. Jamie was set for life, although he seemed to be indifferent about this subject. Is Jamie really set to receive the McVitie’s  fortune or is the majority of the fortune entangled in third-party investors and board members. Who knows?

He said: ‘I run a sweet business, and I do other things. I think it’s very important to not rest everything on one thing because if it does go it’s a kind of scary place.’

Meanwhile, Ollie talked about his surprise that the show has lasted as well as it has and discussed having to take a year out.

He said: ‘I thought it would be like Shipwrecked,’ he said. ‘But here we are, five years later.

‘I’ve had three break-ups, I was exhausted. I needed a year to chill out.’

Watch their appearance on Good Morning Britain here:

The next episode of Made In Chelsea will be shown on Monday, 9pm, E4.